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Previous updates are archived here in order to decrease clutter on the front page.


Two new pages, both of which are just kinda… silly projects that I wanted to catalog on the site. One is the Lv. 1 Pokémon Project, which is about my quest to find every Pokémon at Lv. 1, even evolved ones, in Pokémon Go, which is possible. The second is a list of my DragCave breeding projects, which is mostly for me to have a visual aid for my projects, but it turned out looking pretty so I'm putting it up for everyone else, too.


Some minor updates. I added percentages to the starter legs spreadsheet, some buddies to Buddyquest, and a few future projects to the progress bars on the right!


Created a new page, Demyx & Luxord Name Guesses! It lists every possible option for their Somebody names. I had fun with this one.


You can't really tell visually, but I revamped the structure of the Buddyquest page! It'll be way easier to update, going forward. I also added a buddy and changed a few captions. (You may need to refresh the page/clear your cache to see the changes, since I updated the stylesheet to make the changes I did.)


Made a list of horse Pokémon! Similar to last time, I got really into the classifications of ungulates. I have some amount of lists… ready? But a bunch of them aren't big enough to have their own page… so I have to figure out how to combine them.


First update post-launch— I made a Bunny Pokémon page. Not much, but it's something! I was considering making a horse and/or deer Pokémon page, and then went on a tangent. Did you know walruses are carnivores? Did you know horses and deer are so unrelated that you have to go all the way back to Mammalia, the class of all mammals, to find a common ancestor?

03/13/23 - Welcome to Silvally Plushie!

It's been a work in progress for 5 months, but today is my 23rd birthday, and the launch day of the site! Hello, everyone! This is the website I've been talking about working on.

You can look around the site by the dropdown menus, their hub pages (click on the headers), or the site map. The coolest pages, in my opinion, are the type order spreadsheet (it has TOOLTIPS) and the KH/Pokémon teams (I wrote an absolutely absurd amount for this and would like if people read it). And if you really like my site, you can tip me!

Please enjoy the site! If you have comments or questions, you can leave it on one of the social media accounts, or just by email.


Finally put the banner together! And made a placeholder page for the Art Gallery, since that'll take a while to actually create.


I pixeled the favicon and made a few more pages that needed to be made!


Updated the navigation on the KH/Pokémon page. Also split it into two pages, since it's already so long.


IT'S SO LATE BUT I FINISHED THE KH/POKEMON PAGE. FINALLY. I've been writing for this on-and-off since, like, December.


Happy Pokémon Day! I made a Ko-Fi. You can also visit it by clicking the button at the footer, which I'll ideally update to be on every page of the site.


Created little boxes that show the date the page was created, alongside the date the page was last updated. Also, started writing my About Me.


Accidentally wrote an entire album review. I didn't mean for this to happen.


Look at my progress bars. Also, my fancy little dividers!


Did various things, including working on this damn flexbox


Uploaded files to Neocities, officially putting the site on the internet!