If you've known me at all since 2017, you know that I've gotten very invested in making spreadsheets. Technically, I've been at it since before then, but they were text documents that I wished had columns. I've been honing my skills, and half the reason I wanted to make a website is that I wanted to display my craft!

Pokémon Type Order Sheet

Spreadsheet that tracks the specific order that Pokémon types are combined in. It has tooltips! This is the spreadsheet I'm proudest of.

Abilities Sheet

Sheet that lists every Pokémon Ability and enables sorting them by various traits.

RBY Glitchmon Spreadsheet

I compiled info available on Bulbapedia and Glitch City Labs to make a reference of my own. This was for a project of mine that's currently on hold, but maybe one day I'll get back to it… The sheet is also sortable!

Demyx & Luxord Name Guesses

I found, charted, and rated every single possible name anagram for Demyx and Luxord.

Pokémon RPG Classes

The first sheet I transferred to HTML table format. It's not much of a sheet, it's me assigning RPG classes to every Pokémon.

Starter Pokémon Legs Chart

This is a silly one, it's something I made after seeing complaints about all the Galar starters being bipedal. Have you ever wondered what the stats on bipedalism in starter Pokémon is? Here's a chart!

My Pokémon Go Community Day Stats

Put together my stats for every Community Day, namely the amount of Pokémon I saw, caught, and then my calculated shiny rate.

Off-Site Spreadsheets

There's some spreadsheets that I'm very proud of and would like to have on the site, but can't, for one reason or another. Sometimes, they're just personal sorting things that would be less useful as a website page. These are all hosted on Google Sheets, and are listed here.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Choose Your Legends Vote Tracker

Currently updated through CYL8! This is the biggest spreadsheet I keep updated, with data from every single Choose Your Legends tournament that's happened. It includes vote and rank counts, including averages & rank comparisons, along with other sortable columns of data.

Seen here sorted by average vote counts.

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