Welcome to Silvally Plushie!

This website is still, largely, a work in progress. Every page should be accessible through the dropdown menus, or their headings (also clickable)! Please enjoy my art, my spreadsheets, and whatever else I've decided to put together!


Site Progress

05/21/24 - More Buddies (4)

Hope you're not tired of Buddyquest updates, because I'm not! I've been seeing a surprising amount of new Buddies, I think I added 11 new Buddies today? I'm gonna have 2 new Buddies of my own soon enough, too!

05/06/24 - More Buddies (3)

Updated Buddyquest yet again! There are 8 new entries, including a Joltik. It's so tiny and delightful.

I also shifted my sorting system. The Galarian & Hisuian evolutions have been moved next to their pre-evolutions' numbers, similar to how the Sinnoh evolutions were already set up. I figured it was a little unfair to keep the ones that started existing after I was a kid at the bottom of the Pokédex.

04/28/24 - More Buddies (2)

Hello again! Once again, I've updated Buddyquest with the Best Buddies I've seen over the past month. The most exciting one is Beautifly! Talk about a Pokémon I never thought I'd see a Best Buddy of.

Also, I updated DragCave Projects a couple weeks ago to show progress on my Leaisa Scene quote project. :p I didn't feel the need to write a news post just for that. But here it is now.

03/30/24 - More Buddies

Minor update. Updated Buddyquest with 2 more buddies (Crobat and Salazzle), and I've kept up with/updated my DragCave Projects page. I also started working on something new, but I wanna keep that a surprise until it's ready.

03/24/24 - Best Buddy #10!

Small update: I updated Buddyquest with my newest Best Buddy, Jamborino! I'm very happy with him. It puts me at 10 Best Buddies, which the game actually gives you an achievement for!

03/21/24 - Still No Banner Update, Though

Back again with yet another update! I've been inspired lately. Firstly, I put together a spreadsheet of all of my Community Day stats, tracking how many Pokémon I've caught during each, and my personal shiny rate. Not super exciting, but I'm happy to have that data put together.

Next, I finally updated my DragCave Projects, which has been really lagging behind. I added 2 new projects (only one has the nice HTML table, though).

And finally, most importantly: I updated the navbar! I realized that "crossovers" was never going to be a good thing to put there, so I've converted it to Projects, a much better and more accurate term that now has its own page (which Crossovers never had). I moved Buddyquest, the KH/Pokémon page, DC Breeding Projects, and the Lv. 1 Pokémon sheet here.

... also, adding this a few minutes later: I decided to try out putting my affiliates to the footer! I've been debating doing that for a while, I wanna see how it feels.

03/18/24 - 1st Anniversary!

Happy 1-year anniversary to the site!! I meant to draw a new banner image in celebration, but got sidetracked by... other projects.

Firstly, I made a whole new spreadsheet for Pokémon abilities! I started this on a total whim and I spent a week on it. It's sortable! Go have fun with that! I also added it to the navigation bar.

Secondly, I created an archive for older updates, where I'll put anything over a year old. Nothing major, but a necessity to have going forward.

Finally, I updated Buddyquest with, most notably, a Best Buddy Venusaur! I also updated the Glitchmon sheet to actually fit on the page.

02/27/24 - I Finally Fixed The Pixel Art (For Me)

Eyy, two updates in one month! It's been a while.

I've been working on a bunch of things. Most important to me personally is that I finally fixed the pixel art display issue I encountered with my fancy new Retina-screened laptop. I'm considering making a page for more obscure CSS tricks like that, but in the meantime: the fix is to use image-rendering: crisp-edges in your CSS for pixel art, or use the style tag in the HTML to add it to whatever image needs it. Check out this Mozilla page for more details.

Anyway, I did a lot besides that, too. I added a new list page in Regional Archetypes, for Pokémon like Furret, Swellow, and Kricketune! I updated Buddyquest again! I finally got my Lv. 1 Pokémon project up-to-date! And finally, I added some fancy new features to my About Me, including my top tier of favorite Pokémon & a collapsible section of my favorite characters.

And... happy Pokémon Day! I'm so excited for the curveball of Legends Z-A. Finally, Kalos gets its third game.

02/13/24 - Dropdown Rehaul Finally Finished

I just pushed a pretty massive update that's not gonna be super visible. I finally finished my dropdown rehaul! Now the navigation, header, and footer all function as separate pages that load onto the main page, making them infinitely easier to edit. That'd been weighing on me, so I'm glad it's done now.

Otherwise, I updated quite a bit! I added new Pokémon to Buddyquest, as well as updating the lists of Dogs, Serpents, and Non Flying-Type Birds with new Pokémon from the Scarlet/Violet DLC.

I also gained another new affiliate in Ghost Zone! Check him out for media opinions and whatever dudefruit is.


Hey, sorry it's been so long! Happy New Year! I've been busy with other projects, and thus haven't put as much time into the website. Oops... I guess I wanted to put off updating until I had my page on dear sweet Callie ready, but I haven't had the motivation to write.

I did finally update the Type Order Sheet with all the new Pokémon from the Scarlet/Violet DLC. Ogerpon's masks have way more unique typings than I thought they did...

I also have new affiliates! Graymin's Glyphs has a lot of great Pokémon and KH art! Iztopher is the personal site of a good friend of mine.


Hi! It's, uh, been a while. Oops. I kept playing FFXIV. I finished and loved Heavensward, and I finally got through the absolute drag that was Stormblood. But that's not the most important thing I've done recently! I'm adopting a cat in 3 days! I'm really excited!!! Her name is Calliope (Callie for short), and I'm already planning to make a page about her. Her eyes are gigantic. She's so cute.

I did do real site updates, though. I added thirty-one new buddies to Buddyquest, including one of my own, and added 1 new Pokémon each to the Dog and Cat lists. I also updated the Lv. 1 Pokémon project page.


Hello again! I've updated Buddyquest with 6 more buddies, including one of my own, as well as a note about a method to get best buddies in 2 weeks. Interesting...

As far as life updates, well... I started Final Fantasy XIV. I'm currently to Heavensward, and I'm way more into it than I thought I'd be. Uh... oops? So, uh, some FFXIV stuff might show up on the site in the future. Here's my cat (click to see the full images):

I've also considered making a blog section. I haven't made any progress on it, but it's in my thoughts. Also I stared at this post and made the front page flexboxes a lil bigger, so if this page looks like it was moved an inch to the left, that's what happened.

(Also... hi, Mom and Dad! Sorry it took me so long to send you the link.)


Made some basic edits to Lv. 1 Pokémon and Dragcave Projects, but the biggest edit is Buddyquest! I added 24 buddies I've seen since the last update, some of which are weird, like Hypno and Eelektross.

Also of note is that I have a new affiliate, Swifty's HQ! Check them out, there's quizzes over there. Another affiliate made an actual Neocities that's linked now, a fansite for the RPGMaker series Aveyond.

As for me, I've been busy with Artfight this month! It's been reminding me to get my Art Gallery set up on-site. I've done more art this month than I've done... any other month since I was in high school? It feels great.


Minor site update, major life updates. I updated the Dragcave Projects page to reflect my progress in the past month and a half.

I got a new laptop! This is a major update for me, as my old one was getting laggier by the day. I'd had it for almost 8 years, and it was a refurbished 10-year-old computer. I'm still not used to how fast and fancy this new laptop is. However... It's a Macbook Pro with a Retina display, which I learned means it displays everything at 2x, making lots of sites— including this one— look... worse. I'm still considering how to update the site for this. The solution sounds simple, make the pixel art & banner 2x their initial size, but I have every Pokémon minisprite uploaded, and that would be a real pain to go through. I'm still thinking through it! I may look into fancy modern CSS techniques.


It's been a month! I spent May drawing, which was good because I had lost my inspiration for a while.

I was inspired to write more for the site due to the closure of Blaseball, which broke my heart. I had been planning to write pages about Blaseball eventually, due to the sheer amount of screenshots I saved from it, but this put it higher on my to-do list.

So I started writing that! I plan to cover the entire experience. There's currently 2 parts/pages out right now, and it covers the events of Blaseball up to Season 3, as well as my initial thoughts & how I found it. I wanted to get it out 1) so I could send it to the Blaseball discord, which is closing… I think within, like, a day? 2) I'm going to see Across the Spiderverse today and I know that's gonna take up all of my brainspace.

Dex Entries that Mention Other Pokémon


A page idea I had that is fun, but takes a lot of work. I like how it's coming along, but I got distracted by the Abilities sheet, so I dunno when I'll properly get back to it.

KH Analysis ;)


Something I started over a year ago and now want to put on the site when it's done. A good chunk of it is written, but I'm like… halfway done at best?

Mystery Feature


SO EXCITED that the code works. Oh it's gonna be so good.

Fandragons Page


Work has begun on the Fandragons page! There's a lot of writing to be done, but I have the format ready, and it's really fun to write for when I'm inspired to.

Art Gallery


The page format for individual art is done! That's it, though.

Petsites I Like


A page I want to write on the many petsites I play on a regular basis! It's mostly in the concept stages for now, but it's definitely something I want to get on the site someday.

Fire Emblem 4/Pokémon


I wanted to start on a new Pokémon crossover page one night, so I did! This'll probably take a while… unless that FE4 remake gets announced. That would inspire me.

About the Mascot


Y'know, the guy in the banner! They have a name now, they're Driz.

Blaseball, page 3


oh no