"Articles" feels like such a fancy name, but it's the best I got. This is various stuff I've written for the website! It's a bit of a catch-all. I got lists of Pokémon and, like, album reviews.


A list of various Events I've written about. Just kind of a fun way to log internet history that I already archived.

Pokémon Lists

Lists of various types of Pokémon, made because I kept wanting to have lists of these things while doing Pokémon team crossovers.

The Cultural Event of Blaseball

Also on the Events page, because it's kinda that. My experience with Blaseball, a wonderfully bizarre web-based baseball simulator.

My Feelings on Bastille's 2022 Give Me The Future (Kind Of An Album Review)

A so-called album review that I wrote on a whim one day. The writers leaned way too sci-fi in an album that could've been about recent events.

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