Dragcave Breeding Projects

So I play a lot of pet sites, and I got back into DragCave in 2022. I got really, really into it. It's an old kind of pet site, there's a lot of waiting and putting your eggs on click sites, because interaction from other people is how they hatch.

But what I got really into was lineages. Dragons can have all kinds of patterns made from what dragons were their parents, and which dragons were their parents. The breeding system is pretty simple, but it's fun, and I've done a lot of it. Eventually, just looking at fun lineages and putting them together wasn't enough. I wanted to create my own.

My current projects are mostly pride flags and making rainbows, but I've dabbled in hybrids and G3cs as well. And this page is cataloguing my progress! Doing this is mostly for me, because I really like being able to have a visual guide of how far I am on these projects, but I'd like to believe they're fun to look at, too.

I use a bunch of terms specifically about DragCave's mechanics, some of which are in general use, and some of which I made up myself. I wanna define those here.

  • CB: Caveborn. Gen 1. A dragon with no lineage, one that serves as the basis of a lineage. Pretty important to these projects. You obtain them from the locations on the front page, aka the cave.
  • G2, G3, etc.: Gen 2, Gen 3, etc. Dragons with 1, 2, etc generations of parents. In my definition, they have a clean lineage. A clean G3 lineage looks like this, while a messy lineage looks more like… this.
  • ♂ and ♀: Gender symbols, male and female. Dragcave lineages use the pattern of male then female, so it's important to note which gender your dragons are if you're trying to make lineages like these.
  • : This, along with dotted borders, show that I've already obtained this dragon for the lineage.
  • Hybrid: A specific mechanic on DragCave that involves breeding two different dragon species to create a completely new dragon species. Only a few of these are available, but they're very cool and I like them. Looks like this in a lineage.
  • G3c: Gen 3 checkered, a common pattern for lineages that looks like this. G4c and up also exist, but those take way more dragons to put together and are harder. Generally, this consists of two species of dragons that look nice together.
  • G2p, G3p, etc.: Gen 2 pure, meaning a dragon's lineage only includes other dragons of the same species. Here's a G4p example. The Xenowyrm lineage at the bottom is supposed to be made of these.
Projects In Progress
Non-Binary Flag Rainbow Wyrms Leaisa Scene Quote
Hybrids Project
Finished Projects
Gilbert Baker
Gay Pride Flag
Thalassa x Wisteria Transgender Flag
Bisexual Flag Lesbian Flag

Non-Binary Flag

♂ Gold

♀ Rift Wyrm

♂ Gold

♀ Cantormaris (Tutela)

♂ Rift Wyrm

♀ Black Truffle
⭐ ♂ Gold

⭐ ♀ Lunar Herald (Gold)
⭐ ♂ Cantormaris (Tutela)

⭐ ♀ Astralophyne
⭐ ♂ Rift Wyrm

⭐ ♀ Horse
⭐ ♂ Cavern Lurker

⭐ ♀ Black Truffle

  • Honestly, maybe the easiest out of all of these. Not worried!
  • Although the Cantormaris egg might take a bit. That's fine, I somehow got the Gold Dragon on the first egg I bred on this project.
  • (06/29/23) I was right. The Cantormaris has been the hardest to get.
  • (07/23/23) The Cantormaris is being a real pain. How did I get the Gold before a Cantormaris.
  • (03/20/24) Oh, I shouldn't have complained about the Cantormaris, now I'm having a hard time getting the G3 Gold to finish the project. My hubris...

Rainbow Wyrms

Gen 6

^ G6, ♂

^ G6, ♀

^ G6, ♂

^ G6, ♀

Gen 5

^ G5, ♂

^ Aforementioned G5 kid. ♀

^ G5, ♂

^ Future G5, ♀

^ G5, ♂

^ G5, ♀

^ G5, ♂
Could (and probably should be) a Rift Wyrm, but... that's less fun.

^ G5, ♀

Gen 4

Got it! Here's the G5 kid of her and the Pyro.




I have… two G4ps??? I could use either of these. I haven't made a decision about them. Cool!

Honestly, I'm tempted to get around this one by using Xenowyrms that already have 3 gens of Staterae lineage, because I sure don't have the CB Stateraes to create one of my own.

The cheated G4. If I wait 2 years, I can get a proper one, but that's SO LONG

Gen 3

Thalassa Pair #1 have 2 ♀ G3p kids.

I already had Tuclat here, so I didn't need more than one G2p pair.

Already had a G3p, too, as well as 2 G2ps.

Still surprised I'm as behind on Gaias as I am. They're so common...

Cccct's parents

Whixir's parents

I think, if I could get these two to have a Staterae kid, that'd be perfect. That's the most I can ask for.

Gen 2

Thalassa Pair #1

Gaia Pair #1


Gaia Pair #2


Already obtained. Nice!


Adopt one today!
Now that I'm actually thinking about how I would pull this off… I have regrets. If I get a female G3p Omen Wyrm next Halloween, then maybe this'll work. But otherwise, I think I might breed Paquel with a G3c Xenowyrm.
(06/29/23) Yeah, I think I'm gonna cheat it and not do a G4p Omen Wyrm. Unless I really want to wait another year...

  • This lineage is made of G4ps, it was supposed to be Xenowyrm-only… but lineages function in square numbers, and there's only 13 Xenowyrm species. So it was either to cut 5 Xenowyrms, or add 3 other wyrms, and I chose to add Rift Wyrms, Oracle Wyrms, and Omen Wyrms.
  • Omen Wyrms are only available to breed around Halloween, so that was perhaps a mistake.
  • I'm doing this primarily because I really like breeding Xenowyrms for the small chance of a Staterae, the rarest Xenowyrm. I've ended up with a lot of Xenowyrms. So… I'm making a thing out of it!
  • I need some more Rift Wyrms. Their gimmick is that their habitats rotate! I can't even leave myself a note about it.
  • (03/20/24) I kinda slowed down on working on this.
  • (03/23/24) Added more columns and made a bit of a mess. Oops.

Leaisa Scene Quote (yes, really)

Gen 4

"See you, Isa."

"See you, Lea."

Gen 3

"Well, if I make it back,

You won't get it

out of me

a second time."

Gen 2

"I lost

all sense

of purpose."

"I didn't forget you."

"Yes... I know.

You wouldn't do that."

"But... I was jealous."

"You admit it."


"Why... so sad?"

"You let them reduce you to THIS?!"

"I thought... you outgrew

the marks under your eyes..." "So?"

"You look like... you need them."

"Stop it. The whole act.

I thought this was all for her."

"At first...

I sacrificed everything

to try and track her down.

You're the one who went off and

made other friends.

Left her and me both

in the dust.

It infuriated me how you just

exited our lives."

  • Started 03/19/24
  • This... is an idea I've seen people have on DragCave before. It's usually lyrics, or what I believe are monologues from Doctor Who? It's a fun idea! It's kneecapped by the fact DragCave doesn't allow punctuation in names, which makes my idea of doing a whole conversation, uh, not a great one, but I wanna do it anyway. It seems fun.
  • Sonata Dragons are a pain. Their color relies on the current position of the fictional moons of Valkemare, which are tracked, but is still obnoxious. It's a wonderful mechanic, but annoying for me.
  • Meanwhile, Leodons are much easier to get. I don't have to wait for those, and they're common!
  • Order of reading: First column top-to-bottom, second column top-to-bottom, etc.
  • (04/16/24) I've successfully obtained all the Caveborns I need for this project! I was lucky to be on high alert for this during a period where the blue Sonatas were common. I believe I have all the Sonata G2s I need, too? Leodons are much easier to breed for, so really I just need to wait for another Cirion (blue moon) period to finish up.

Hybrids Time

  • Started 07/17/23
  • This is, um, a little bit of a mess, but it's still easier than coding another one of my tables. The grayed-out dragons are the ones I haven't obtained yet.
  • The idea here is that I wanted to make a lineage out of (most of) the hybrids on DragCave! I haven't actually seen this from anyone else before, and I figured it'd be fun. It's gonna be 6 generations when I'm finished, and that's exciting.
  • I have all the dragons I need for this, now it's just a matter of breeding all the dragons.
  • For the record, I tried to make an image-map, but that was difficult even with the help of a tool. So if you want to click on anything, it's gotta be the group.

Intersex Flag

♂ Brimstone

♀ Brimstone

♂ Brimstone

♀ Purple

♂ Rift Wyrm

♀ Brimstone

⭐ ♂ Venturis

⭐ ♀ Brimstone

⭐ ♂ Purple

⭐ ♀ Melismor

⭐ ♂ Melismor

⭐ ♀ Rift Wyrm

⭐ ♂ Brimstone

⭐ ♀ Venturis

  • The first flag whose colors I had to dim for the table. They were just a little too bright to comfortably look at anything on.
  • So, this one is not as easy as a regular striped flag, since it has a circle in the middle. I... did my best? I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Finished Projects

Gilbert Baker Pride Flag

This is where the pride flag projects started. I realized that the Gilbert Baker gay pride flag has 8 stripes, which is perfect for a 4-generation lineage. This is my favorite gay pride flag. The pink and teal stripes got cut for ease of production, but I think it's a beautiful flag and I love to embrace it. And I had a lot of fun putting it together in dragon form!

Thalassa x Wisteria

I got it to G4c! >:D

These are all my dragons! This is the first checkered lineage I made myself, because I thought Thalassa Xenowyrms and the then-newly-released Wisteria Dragons would look nice together. And they do! The main issue with this was obtaining enough CB Thalassa Xenowyrms, but I managed it. I'm proud of this. They're so pretty.

Trans Flag

♂ Daydream

♀ Aqualis

♂ Daydream

♀ Tercorn

♂ Sunrise

♀ Aqualis

⭐♂ Aqualis

⭐ ♀ Daydream

⭐♂ Sunrise

⭐ ♀ Tercorn

⭐ ♂ White

⭐ ♀ Sunrise

⭐ ♂ Daydream

⭐ ♀ Aqualis

Finished 09/24/23, meaning this was the first time I finished a lineage I made a table for! I'm happy with this.

Former Notes:
  • Yeah, it's pretty funny I have to assign genders to dragons to make a trans flag.
  • The only CB Aqualis I have is a special code, and I'm not sure that's one I want to use for this project. So… I gotta be checking the Coast.
  • I have one ♀ Daydream, but she's old and has the chance of causing inbreeding if I do something else with the final dragon(s). So maybe I should get another one. (They're in Coast, Forest, and Jungle if I do.) Got another one!
  • Similar situation with my one ♂ Sunrise. Those are only in the Alpine.
  • I don't have any CB Tercorn, either, which I realized when Ushgorns were released. Gotta be on the Coast for those.
  • I keep having issues with dragons that should be Sunrises hatching into Sunsets instead. Hopefully that doesn't keep happening… So apparently, to get a Sunrise, you have to breed one during Dragcave's morning hours... which start right when I go to sleep, typically. I managed to get one by staying up way too late, but, uh, oops.

Bisexual Flag

♂ Pyralspite (Magenta)

♀ Tsunami Wyvern

♂ Pyralspite (Magenta)

♀ Ridgewing

♂ Horse

♀ Tsunami Wyvern
Magenta (3) - M, F, M
⭐ ♂ Pyralspite (Magenta)

⭐ ♀ Balloon Dragon

⭐ ♂ Mutamore
Purple (2) - F, M
⭐ ♀ Ridgewing

⭐ ♂ Horse
Blue (3) - F, M, F
⭐ ♀ Elux Lucis

⭐ ♂ Tsunami Wyvern

⭐ ♀ Aeria Gloris

Finished 11/18/23! The 2nd project I made a table for that I managed to finish, after the Transgender lineage. I like how this came out overall, but in hindsight, I'm less sure about the Ridgewing. Maybe putting the Horse Dragon above it would've looked better? Oh well. Onward to the LGBT dragon!

Former Notes:
  • I need a ♂ Magenta Pyralspite, which are found in the Alpine habitat.
  • My only ♀ Balloon Dragon is… one from 2011 named Pinkie Pie. Which I feel kind of weird about using? So maybe I'll get another one of those. (Found in Coast, Forest, Jungle, Alpine)
  • (06/29/23) I got my new Magenta Pyralspite, and he... rejected Pinkie Pie. So I do need a
    new Balloon Dragon.
  • The Horse/Elux Lucis pair somehow has only hatched Elux Luci so far?
  • (07/23/23) So close!!

Lesbian Flag

♂ Floret Wyvern (Tyrian)

♀ Diamondwing

♂ Sunstone

♀ Floret Wyvern (Tyrian)

♂ Alcedine Wyvern (Red)

♀ Diamondwing
⭐ ♂ Sunstone
⭐ ♀ Pyralspite (Orange)
⭐ ♂ Pyrrhichios
⭐ ♀ Floret Wyvern (Tyrian)

⭐ ♂ Mirisia Amphiptere
⭐ ♀ Alcedine Wyvern (Red)
⭐♂ Gemshard (Amethyst)
⭐ ♀ Diamondwing

Finished 01/22/24!! Oh, this was such a relief. It got hard to breed for Floret Wyverns (they're rarer than all the common dragons I used in this project), and that's why it took longer. With this, I have the LGBT! At the time of writing, I'm super close to being able to have a full LGBT dragon, too. Stay tuned for that!

Former Notes:
  • The DND dragons (including the Pyrrhichios) are so common, it surprises me. The Floret egg may be harder to get than expected…
  • I don't have a ♂ Mirisia Amphiptere yet. They're in Alpine, Forest, and Jungle.
  • Gemshards… are rough. Their form/color is determined by the day of the week the egg is spawned, which means I would have to look for a CB Amethyst on specifically a Thursday. It's not impossible, but it's more annoying than others. That, and they're pretty popular, meaning even if I did see one, there's no guarantee I'd get it unless I'm fast. They're also only in the Jungle. Got it!
  • Don't have a CB ♀ Diamondwing, they're in the Alpine and Volcano habitats.
  • It was really hard to narrow down what dragons I wanted to use for this flag, especially the pink-purples. I'm not sure I made the right choices, but it's the best I got.

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